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Nelson Slice

Using any of our sponge cakes that you didn’t quite get round to eating you can make a traditional Nelson Slice.

You will need:

Shortcrust for the base,

Puff Pastry for the top,

Any stale or left over sponge cakes,

Mixed dried fruits - Sultanas, Cherries & Currants,




Grease a tin and line with shortcrust pastry.

In a large mixing bowl add the cakes and jam together to form a soft mixture.

In a separate bowl add all dried fruit and soak in rum.

Add the soaked fruit into the sponge and bind together.

Add all onto the shortcrust pastry and spread evenly, warm more jam to spread over the top of the sponge to glue the puff pastry lid on top.

Before baking spray your Nelson Slice with water and add granulated sugar.

Bake in the oven at 180º for 15 minutes or until your pastry is golden brown.

Cut & Enjoy!

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