Our bread is freshly baked each morning at our bakeries in Diss, Eye and Harleston.

At The Tudor Bakehouse we pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our bread, with each loaf hand mixed, shaped and baked fresh each morning. From our classic handcrafted dough recipes we shape and create white, wholemeal, malster, brandee, multigrain, cornbread and ciabatta breads and rolls.

Our bakers are also happy to bake your favourite bread Gluten free, available to preorder with a minimum of three loaves.

White, Wholemeal, Malster and Brandee - Farmhouse, tin, sandwich large and small, large seeded bloomers, small plain bloomers, rolls, long rolls, large and small baps, knot rolls, crusty rolls and French sticks.

Multigrain - Tin-shaped loaves and rolls.

Cornbread - Bloomer-shaped loaves and rolls.

Ciabatta - Rolls.

Speciality bread from the Tudor Bakehosue

We also create a delicious range of Tudor Bakehouse speciality breads which include:

Bayerisch Donker - A Dutch style pin head size grain bread with a malty taste and dark in colour containing wheat, rye and barley flour, coarse wheatmeal, oat flakes and wheat bran. As baked by Paul Muncila on Britain's Best Bakery for ITV1.

Spelt and Honey - 100% spelt for 100% enjoyment - that’s our motto. Milled spelt grain products use the best spelt flour, wholemeal spelt flour, coarse wholemeal spelt and spelt flakes, sunflower seeds, coarsely ground lupin seeds and sesame - refined with an extra portion of honey to emphasize the nutty, aromatic taste of the rustic spelt.

Avena Oat Bread - A high percentage of tasty wholemeal oat flour, thick rolled oat flakes and coarse oats, sunflower seeds and yellow linseed, with the full aroma and flavour of aromatic brewing malt.

Multigrain - Contains pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds along with wheat bran and oat flakes which all provide that extra bite. This product for the diet conscious can be classified as LOW Gi.

Rustic White - This bread has no improvers and the only ingredients are yeast, flour, water, salt and all vegetable shortening. We mix this all together for about ten minutes, then it is left to bulk ferment before being scaled by hand, moulded and left to rest for ten minutes. Then it is moulded again, placed into tins and left to prove for about an hour before being baked. All giving you a wonderful tasting loaf.

Pia Do - A Mediterranean style bread with herbs and peppers giving a rich flavour and aroma.

Cornbread - Produced with maize flour, sunflower seeds and a hint of spice giving a unique flavour, colour and aroma with an excellent shelf life.

Our speciality breads can sell out quickly so if you are keen to try one please pop into one of our bakeries early.


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