Meet the local bakers at the Tudor Bakehouses in Norfolk and Suffolk

At The Tudor Bakehouse we just love to bake and because we love what we do each day most of the bakers have been here with us for many years. What better way to start the day than to get your hands stuck into making some tasty breads or cakes? Plus you get to finish your working day before everyone else does.

Being a baker is a great trade. It's brilliant to see people eating what we bake and coming in to request one of our specialities like our famous Tudor Bakehouse Spuddies.

We're like a big family here and we're so lucky to work in the great market towns in which we live like Diss, Eye, Harleston and Long Stratton too. Between us we have nearly 100 years of experience and can bake almost anything, however we are always keen to learn something new and rise to the challenge.

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We love to bake for our customer at our bakeries in Norfolk and Suffolk

What is our favourite thing to bake? We all love making bloomers because there is so much work that goes into kneading and shaping them and the finished result looks great. They taste beautiful too.

We are also very proud to have been one of the 36 best bakeries chosen from across the UK to take part in Britain's Best Bakery for ITV1.

The programme was shown on ITV1 in December 2012 when viewers will have seen our very own Paul Muncila bake his speciality donker bread, viennese fingers and florentines for the judges' cake connoisseur Mich Turner and bread expert Peter Sidwell.


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Caramel slice

Vienesse finger

Vienesse finger

Bakers in Suffolk

Paul Muncila, Owner of the Tudor Bakehouse

So how did I get into baking? It started when I was a draughtsman at Laurence, Scott and Electromotors back when Mike Booty (conductor of South Norfolk Youth Symphonic Band, where I played my Euphonium) said he was opening a bakery in Earlham House Shopping Centre in Norwich. At that time I was 23 years old and bored of sitting behind a desk so I left my job to work as a baker with Mike.

I fell in love with baking straight away, learning from Mike about all the old processes of baking and making the mixes. During the seven years that I worked with Mike we opened shops in Diss, Eye and Bury St Edmunds and I later became a director of the business but I was hungry to do more and eventually decided the time was right to go it alone.

In January 1991 I found the perfect premises and once I had raised enough money to fit it I opened my first bakery in the Market Place, Harleston. As a baker my aim then, as it is today, was to provide a variety of quality breads baked fresh daily and a service that is friendly and professional. Initially I worked on my own with two wonderful sales staff in Jacky Seaman and Tracy Glover and plenty of help from my friends and soon built up a good reputation. Once the business was established I opened a shop in Broad Street in Eye and then three years later I opened another on Market Hill in Diss. In 2004 I bought new premises in The Thoroughfare, Harleston and opened a second bakery with a coffee shop and called it TB2.

A few years later I decided that to grow the business further I would need to work with someone else and we merged with another bakery. Unfortunately this wasn't the best decision and in 2010 I bought back my share and the four bakeries and started again on my own, refocusing to ensure the emphasis on quality, fresh bread baked daily was back at the very heart of everything that we do. So many bakeries don't bake fresh so it's essential that my customers know we do and they can always be guaranteed the freshest bread and baked goods when they visit us. Now in 2015 we have four bakeries and an amazing team of bakers and shop assistants.

Our policy for The Tudor Bakehouse is 'baked fresh every day', with a range of unique products using quality produce sourced as locally as possible.

If you like what we do please let me know as we would love to hear from you.

Paul Muncila, The Tudor Bakehouse (His favourite cake? One of our luxury caramel slices)

Meet the bakers at The Tudor Bakehouse

Neil - As the newest member of our team Neil joined us at the Manager of the Tudor Bakehouse in Long Stratton. With his fresh ideas we hope to create a thriving and happy atmosphere in our newest branch. What does he like most? our Spuddies of course!

Heather - The Manager of the Tudor Bakehouse in Diss but can also be seen travelling around our other branches supporting our teams and ensuring our high standards are always maintained.  Her favourite snack? A granary bap filled with cheese and tomato.

Alice - Our confectioner Alice has worked at the Tudor Bakehouse for five years and specialises in bringing raw ingredients and scratch recipes to our cake range.  Her favourite cake? A chocolate oat slice.

Tina - Drives one of our sandwich delivery vans and works at our Harleston shop where she has been a valued member of our team for over 10 years. Her favourite cake? A vanilla slice.

Dawn - New to the Tudor Bakehouse team where her enthusiasm for the role has led to the expansion of the sandwich delivery round and the products we can provide. Her favourite cake? Also one of our vanilla slices.

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